Our Approach

Just as we have carefully designed processes for developing financial plans and investment portfolios, we are equally deliberate about the other aspects of our business. Here’s what we want you to know about how we approach our work with clients.

Your Fiduciary

As an independent registered investment advisor, we are bound by the fiduciary standard of care – a fancy term for a simple concept:  your best interests come first. We are not tied to any particular investment product. Whatever your needs, we are able to choose from a wide range of investment options, ensuring that we can provide what’s best for your particular situation.

Strategic Collaboration

In our holistic approach, we recognize that your financial life does not happen in a vacuum, nor is it confined to your relationship with us. Other trusted advisors, such as accountants and attorneys, fulfill important roles in your financial picture, especially as their work relates to areas such as investment management, estate planning, tax strategy and insurance. 

We regularly coordinate efforts among you, your other professionals, and our firm. This type of coordination leads to exceptional outcomes and more effective financial strategies.

In addition to reaching out to your other advisors, we invite other professionals to contact us when our services may fulfill a necessary role for their clients.

Regular Communication

Do you ever feel that your current advisor has forgotten about you?  When you do talk, do you feel that they consider their agenda more important than yours? Do you wish they would contact you when it is convenient for you and not the other way around? Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever hear from your current advisor again?

At the heart of our Wealth Management process is a unique system we use to communicate with our clients.  We feel effective communication is the key to long-term success. For communication to be effective, meetings should be scheduled and they should have an agenda. Communication should be free from pressure, open, honest, and on your terms.

Each meeting is scheduled when it is convenient for you. Each meeting has an agenda - yours. Each meeting is structured around the simple notion of accomplishing what matters most to you and your family.

Our client contact schedule can be tailored to fit your needs and you are always encouraged to contact us if you ever have a question or concern.

We'll have questions for you too. Learn why questions are so important.